Accepted Papers


Therese Biedl, Martin Derka, Vida Dujmovic and Pat Morin. EPG-representations with small grid-size (Theoretical)

Patrizio Angelini, Michael Bekos, Michael Kaufmann, Philipp Kindermann and Thomas Schneck. 1-Fan-Bundle-Planar Drawings of Graphs (Theoretical)

Therese Biedl and Saeed Mehrabi. Grid Obstacle Representations With Connections to Staircase-Guarding (Short)

Kathrin Ballweg, Margit Pohl, Günter Wallner and Tatiana von Landesberger. Visual Similarity Perception of Directed Acyclic Graphs: A Study on Influencing Factors (Applied)

Therese Biedl and Debajyoti Mondal. On Upward Drawings of Trees on a Given Grid (Short)

Stefan Felsner and Manfred Scheucher. Arrangements of Pseudocircles: Triangles and Drawings (Theoretical)

Michael A. Bekos, Henry Förster and Michael Kaufmann. On Smooth Orthogonal and Octilinear Drawings (Theoretical)

Rodrigo Silveira, Bettina Speckmann and Kevin Verbeek. Non-crossing paths with geographic constraints (Short)

Sylvain Lazard, William Lenhart and Giuseppe Liotta. On the Edge-length Ratio of Outerplanar Graphs (Short)

Patrizio Angelini, Michael Bekos, Michael Kaufmann and Fabrizio Montecchiani. 3D Visibility Representations of 1-planar Graphs (Short)

Veronika Irvine and Therese Biedl. Drawing bobbin lace pattern graphs, or, Finding fundamental cycles for a subclass of periodic graph embeddings (Theoretical)

Michael Bekos, Felice De Luca, Walter Didimo, Tamara Mchedlidze, Martin Nöllenburg, Antonios Symvonis and Ioannis Tollis. Planar Drawings of Fixed-Mobile Bigraphs (Theoretical)

Patrizio Angelini, Steven Chaplick, Felice De Luca, Jiri Fiala, Jaroslav Hancl, Niklas Heinsohn, Michael Kaufmann, Stephen Kobourov, Jan Kratochvil and Pavel Valtr. On Vertex- and Empty-Ply Proximity Drawings (Theoretical)

Alessio Arleo, Walter Didimo, Giuseppe Liotta and Fabrizio Montecchiani. GiViP: A Visual Profiler for Distributed Graph Processing Systems (Applied)

Mershack Okoe, Radu Jianu and Stephen Kobourov. Revisited Network Representations (Applied)

Sang Won Bae, Jean-Francois Baffier, Jinhee Chun, Peter Eades, Kord Eickmeyer, Luca Grilli, Seok-Hee Hong, Matias Korman, Fabrizio Montecchiani, Ignaz Rutter and Csaba Toth. Gap-planar Graphs (Theoretical)

Sergey Pupyrev. Mixed Linear Layouts of Planar Graphs (Theoretical)

Paolo Simonetto, Daniel Archambault and Stephen Kobourov. Drawing Dynamic Graphs Without Timeslices (Applied)

Tiziana Calamoneri, Valentino Di Donato, Diego Mariottini and Maurizio Patrignani. Visualizing Co-Phylogenetic Reconciliations (Theoretical)

Peter Eades, Quan Nguyen and Seok-Hee Hong. Drawing Big Graphs using Spectral Sparsification (Applied)

Steven Chaplick, Markus Chimani, Sabine Cornelsen, Giordano Da Lozzo, Martin Nöllenburg, Maurizio Patrignani, Ioannis G. Tollis and Alexander Wolff. Planar L-Drawings of Directed Graphs (Theoretical)

Tamara Mchedlidze, Marcel Radermacher and Ignaz Rutter. Aligned Drawings of Planar Graphs (Theoretical)

Antonios Symvonis and Anargyros Oikonomou. Simple Compact Monotone Tree Drawings (Short)

Philipp Kindermann, Wouter Meulemans and André Schulz. Experimental analysis of the accessibility of drawings with few segments (Applied)

Emilio Di Giacomo, Giuseppe Liotta, Maurizio Patrignani and Alessandra Tappini. NodeTrix Planarity Testing with Small Clusters (Theoretical)

Boris Klemz and Günter Rote. Ordered Level Planarity, Geodesic Planarity and Bi-Monotonicity (Theoretical)

Steven Chaplick, Myroslav Kryven, Giuseppe Liotta, Andre Löffler and Alexander Wolff. Beyond Outerplanarity (Theoretical)

David Eppstein. Triangle-Free Penny Graphs: Degeneracy, Choosability, and Edge Count (Short)

Emilio Di Giacomo, Leszek Gasieniec, Giuseppe Liotta and Alfredo Navarra. Colored Point-set Embeddings of Acyclic Graphs (Theoretical)

Jonathan Klawitter, Tamara Mchedlidze and Martin Nöllenburg. Experimental Evaluation of Book Drawing Algorithms (Applied)

Arthur van Goethem, Irina Kostitsyna, Marc Van Kreveld, Wouter Meulemans, Max Sondag and Jules Wulms. The Tiling Enigma: covering a grid with colored connected polygons (Theoretical)

Niklas Heinsohn and Michael Kaufmann. An Interactive Tool to Explore and Improve the Ply Number of Drawings (Applied)

Mukund Raj and Ross T. Whitaker. Anisotropic Radial Layout for Visualizing Centrality and Structure in Graphs (Applied)

Radoslav Fulek and Janos Pach. Thrackles: An Improved Upper Bound (Short)

Philipp Kindermann, Stephen Kobourov, Maarten Löffler, Martin Nöllenburg, André Schulz and Birgit Vogtenhuber. Lombardi Drawings of Knots and Links (Theoretical)

Therese Biedl, Timothy M. Chan, Martin Derka, Kshitij Jain and Anna Lubiw. Improved Bounds for Drawing Trees on Fixed Points with L-shaped Edges (Theoretical)

Thomas C. Van Dijk, Fabian Lipp, Peter Markfelder and Alexander Wolff. Computing Storylines with Few Block Crossings (Applied)

Janos Pach and Geza Toth. Many Touchings Force Many Crossings (Short)

Hugo Akitaya, Erik Demaine, Adam Hesterberg and Quanquan Liu. Upward Partitioned Book Embeddings (Theoretical)

Jieting Wu, Jianping Zeng, Feiyu Zhu and Hongfeng Yu. MLSEB: Edge Bundling using Moving Least Squares Approximation (Applied)

David Eppstein. The Effect of Planarization on Width (Theoretical)

Nodari Sitchinava and Darren Strash. Reconstructing Generalized Staircase Polygons with Uniform Step Length (Theoretical)

Patrice Ossona de Mendez, Pavel Valtr and John Gimble. Obstacle Numbers of Planar Graphs (Theoretical)